Web hosting is a service that allows your business to run your website and allow it to be accessible on the internet. We prefer our customers host their website on our servers so we have full control and can be sure that your website is always online and accessible to your customers. Eco York's web hosting services are one of the most affordable in the area and we're dedicated to making sure your website stays online 24/7. Bundle our web hosting services with some of our other services and get a discount on your hosting plan.

Other recommended services

For customers who prefer to have full control of their hosting control panel we do recommend two other service providers depending on your hosting requirements. Please however contact us so we can recommend the best service for your situation.

SiteGround is a company that we recommend if you can't afford dedicated hosting, and are interested in an for your business.

WP Engine is another company that we recommend for Wordpress websites. Their hosting is optimized specifically for wordpress websites.

Contact our team to learn more about our Web Hosting Services and can recommend the best services for your business.