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Discover how you can automate your service based business while delivering better experience…

Our Estimating Form works for the following industries: Cleaning, Moving, Pest Control, Landscaping & Paving. The example below is for a moving company. Test it out for yourself and see how beneficial Instant Estimating could be for your business!

Automate & Scale Your Industry Service Provider Business

Discover how you can automate your industry service business while delivering better experience…

Anyone linked with the service business is aware of how important it is to pay attention to every need of the customers to succeed in the business. And that’s what our estimating software for industry service providers does! Our estimation and lead generation software will help you simplify, automate, and scale your industry service business while creating a more proactive and reliable workforce.

Industries we now work with Include:

Residential Cleaning, Moving, Paving, Landscaping, and Pest Control.

Compass Wave

Key Features

Generate Leads
Capture leads through your website or social media marketing with your customizable embedded widget.
Estimate Tool
Weed out the price-shoppers by leveraging your unique lead-capturing estimation tool.
Ease of Team Management
Email Notifications
Connect with your customer base with detailed notifications every time a potential client creates an estimate.
Efficiently Manage Jobs
Full Automation
Our Estimate Tool now features a full integration with Zapier which allows you to fully automate your industry service business.

WHY Estimating Software from Eco York?

We have spent years delegating with leading industry service providers to identify their business process and designed an automated service business estimating software to help firms simplify their business operations without dabbling. Our industry service business estimating software has been trusted by top-of-the-line residential cleaning service providers. And most recently Moving Companies, Paving Companies, and even Pest Control businesses can now enjoy and utilize our estimating software.

  • Grab New Customers & Boost Sales
  • Simplify service business process
  • Uplift customer expectations with better services
  • Sustainable growth and market presence


Brush away the days of maintaining and conducting in-home estimates of your industry service business with an easy to use estimating app with a whole host features including, but not limited to:
Estimate Tool
Estimate Tool
Be more accurate with estimations for the residential cleaning services with a robust estimation tool. Moreover, you can even personalize the estimation tool to cater to your business needs…
Email notifications
Email notifications
Connect with your customers easily and in a more natural form as and when estimates are generated by the customers…
Customer Insights
Customer Insights
Helps you get detailed insights about the potential customers utilizing your maid business software via an intuitive dashboard.
Custom Questions
Custom Questions
Prepare and float the list of customized questions to your potential customers to discover their preferences and tailor your Scheduling Software for Maid Services accordingly…
Don’t miss any cleaning appointment with our booking software. Find available staff or let them pick the jobs at their own through scheduling.
Generate and track invoices for the house cleaning services and get paid directly into your bank account from EcoYork’s cleaning business software…
Quick Quote tool
Quick Quote tool
Set up and manage quotes for residential cleaning online scheduling services based on different parameters and cleaning service types…
Integrate with the most popular tools to cut-down your business overheads and aid ease of use. Compass Wave integrates with Zapier which allows you to integrate with thousands of applications to help you fully automate your service based business.

Our Happy Clients

We have been in business since 2009 when we signed up our Very First Client! Over the years we have been able to satisfy many clients whom we serve on a daily basis. We would like to take this time to say THANK YOU!
I cannot tell you how much I love this software! It is literally a lead engine. It generates leads 2 or 3 times a week and from those leads people go on to request a booking... I doubled my revenue this past year and I strongly believe it was Compass Wave that helped me reach my goals as a business owner.
Vania A.
Thank you Compass Wave for making our estimating process much easier for our potential clients. This tool is perfect for the 'I want it now' homeowner looking for costs after business hours.
Gina B.
It is helping us in grow our company. It has paid for itself the 1st week of using it! We have placed it on our website and it has been a great service for us.
Shanacee M.
I love the fact that people who are super busy can get an online estimate. If I don't hear from them, I can easily follow up with an email or a phone call. People who don't want to take the time to call or when we can't be reached can use the online estimator. I am getting a good return for the cost!
Coleen T.
I'm so happy and have been getting estimates where I wouldn't have. I'm able to capitalize on the folks that are visiting my website. I should have done this a long time ago. And I am able to retain more contacts for other marketing funnels.
Susie D.
I like everything about it, honestly. Very easy to navigate through. It shows the house to make sure it's correct. I can choose how high or low to make cost.
Monique U.

Say goodbye to outdated tools like Contact Forms, boring excels, pen, and paper, and take a refreshing turn to transform your service based business with our state of the art estimate form.

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