All-In-One Maintenance Plan

Our All-In-One Maintenance Plan is for those Businesses & Agencies that needs to outsource the development of their ever growing website. Is your Marketing team anxious to constantly roll out new design ideas and have a team to turn to to make those ideas a reality? Sometimes the budgets within small businesses doesn’t warrant having a dedicated department to take care of those much needed changes and updates. By hiring Eco York’s team of experienced developers you no longer have to be a huge company to be able to afford what your company deserves as far as their websites continued growth. Our All-In-One Maintenance Plan is not only affordable, but a must have.

All in one maintenance plan

What IS included?

Ongoing website hosting services and up to 5 hours of standard website maintenance and technical support every month, which includes:

    • Guaranteed response for bug fixes and maintenance issues (See Deadlines and Deliverables)
    • Web hosting through an approved provider
    • Regular monitoring and updating to ensure performance across all the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and mobile versions of Chrome and Safari
    • Security protection against hackers from gaining access
    • Regular and thorough backups on nightly basis
    • Monitoring website functionality to ensure everything is working as it should
    • Software updates maybe necessary to address security and/or stability issues, and may


    • Server level updates (Linux, PHP, Apache, nginx, and various submodules)
    • Application level updates (WordPress, Drupal, etc)
    • Plugin level updates for specific functionality within the context of the CMS
    • Front-end updates to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Assisting with downtime or performance issues by coordinating with hosting provider
  • The addition of new features or changes to existing features on the website
    • If the time required to complete these changes exceeds the time allotted in the agreement, additional hours will be billed separately (See Additional Services)
  • Consultation, advice and guidance on the use of the website

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