HVAC Consumer Tool

The EDS Consumer Tool is an online customer engagement, education and lead
generation tool that resides an HVAC or Home Performance contractor’s website. The
tool is way to increase visitor site engagement and lower bounce rates, and thereby
making your website stickier resulting in more lead conversions.

Increasing visitor engagement with a tool that allows homeowners to enter their home
address and click a few data points to calculate how much energy loss they are
experiencing with their existing HVAC, water heater, building envelope and lighting.
Your company’s credibility increases, and you position you company a local,
knowledgeable, and trusted expert that can help them address the problems.

Essentially, the EDS Consumer Tool is a simplified version of our popular Home
Auditor program, that includes quick and friendly heat loss/heat gain load and energy-
modeling calculations that visitors can manipulate with just a few clicks to get a result.

Once your site visitor enters their home address and clicks a few data points, Try out our demo tool below!

HVAC Consumer Lead Generation Tool
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