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Here are some of the products that Eco York, LLC has developed. These products are examples of not only types of Lead Generation Software that Eco York can create for your organization or business, but also examples of how we save businesses time and money by providing them with useful products. If you're interested in any of these products or would like a custom product of your own, contact us today!

Compass Wave | Easy-to-us Maid Service Software

Maid Service Software

Compass Wave provides maid service and cleaning companies with the ability to place an online estimation tool on their website. This tool is a valuable way for maid service and cleaning companies to reach prospective clients. Compass Wave makes it easy for the customers of service companies to receive an estimate.

The estimate tool can be seamlessly inserted into a maid service company's existing website and it is completely customizable. Companies can tailor the questions that prospective customers are asked and can even determine how the estimate is calculated. Companies can also upload their logo, choose a color scheme and set fonts.

If you or someone you know owns a Cleaning or Maid Service Company go check out our Residential Cleaning Software.

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Energy Design Systems | HVAC Software

Load Calculation Software

Eco York, LLC recently partnered with Energy Design Systems, Inc. so that we can help HVAC Contractors Maximize their Sales with Lightning Fast Load Calculations & Energy Audits! Two of our Key products include a Load Calculator and a Home Audit program.


Load Calculator

The easiest, fastest and most accurate residential heat loss/heat gain block load calculator on the planet.



Home Auditor

Advanced energy audit for progressive HVAC & Home Performance professionals designed to close more sales.


Ecoferral | Business Networking & Referral Tool

Ecoferral Referral Tool

Ecoferral is an online directory of Qualified and reputable businesses in your area.

Ecoferral is a web-based referral and communication tool for businesses and networking groups. Ecoferral allows you to send referrals online within your networking group and keep track of the referrals. Businesses also have the ability to send and receive testimonials from businesses within their group.

Companies are listed in an online directory so prospective customers can claim coupons you may offer, access your companies contact information and social networks, or ask you questions about your business. Ecoferral saves your group time and money by allowing you to track all of your referrals and not have to worry about pieces of paper. Reporting is integrated into the product to make it easier for the groups to track performance.