Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Have you ever thought about adding video to your website? Video on your website can help get people to stay longer and that increases conversion rates and sales.

Drone Video Footage

We have a few options listed below that are affordable solutions to help you stand out from your competition. Just check out our most recent video compilation from Pro Pallet below!

Drone Footage

Do you have a facility that is large and you'd like to showcase online? With our Drone Footage we can show your potential customers just how awesome your facility is from above! Check out all that's included.

Music Videos

Are you an up and coming artist? We can help you with a unique music video that sets you apart from all the rest. Check out what's included in our Music Video Plans below.

Pre Production – Unlimited online meetings
Filming in Studio or On-Location – 3 Locations
Each Additional Location – Price Varies
Post Production – Virtual Set for Final Edits
Talent Fee: Included

Business Commercials

Do you own a business? Chances are if you’re on our website, you probably do. One of the best ways to get more business, is to tell people about it! That’s where our Business Commercials come in! We’ll create a Business Commercial that you can be proud of and place right on your website so all of your potential customers know exactly what you have to offer! What are you waiting for? Click the Learn More button below.

Pre Production – All the online meeting needed

Post Production – Filming on-location or in the studio

Editing & Color Correction – Included

Voice Over – Included

Talent Fee – Additional Fee

Green Screen – Additional Fee

Explainer  Video

People only buy when they understand how a product or service benefits them. By allowing us to create an Explainer Video you'll frame your company or product as the “problem solver". When your viewers see a solution to their problem, you're bound to close more conversions. Click the Learn More button below and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon!

Pre Production – All the online meeting time needed

Animation & Production – Creating amazing motion Graphic

Post Production – Virtual set to final edit

Voice Over – Included

Motion Graphics

Contact us today for an amazing Motion Graphics Video that will blow you away! Motion Graphics are graphics that have animation within the videos.

Pre Production – All the online meeting time needed

Animation & Production – Creating amazing motion graphics

Post Production – Virtual set to the final edit

Sound Production – Included

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