Tech Problems?
Rest easy knowing Eco York is there to solve your tech problems!

Frustrated with your computer? Problems with your Network? Eco York can help any Residential or Business with their computer problems. Rest easy knowing that an Eco York expert is there to answer your tech problems on the phone, email, or on-location. Don't worry about disconnecting your equipment, we can solve your problems remotely without you having to leave your computer, or even provide an on-site visit.

Check out our Tech Support Plans

Here at Eco York we provide Tech Support plans for any budget.

  Ultimate $1000/month Premier $500/month Essential $200/month
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Hours per month
(does not roll over month to month)
Up to ten hours Up to five hours Up to two hours
Turn around time 24 Hours 48 Hours 72 Hours
Additional Work Additional work at $105/hr Additional work at $110/hr Additional work at $115/hr

We also offer Tech Support Blocks of Time

Tech Support Blocks of time provide you a discount on a certain number of hours. The blocks of time don’t expire, and they can be purchased as needed with no service level agreement.

  Ultimate Block $5250 /block Premier Block $2750 /block Essential Block $1150 /block
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Block of Time
(Hours do not expire)
50 hours 25 hours 10 hours
When 1 hour is left you will be notified.      
After the hours are exhausted, more can be purchased. If none are purchased, then the normal rate will apply.      
(included in price above)
$1000 discount off normal rate $375 discount off normal rate $125 discount off normal rate

Please note: We also have Custom Plans available as well!

If you have any other questions, contact us by emailing support @ or filling out our Contact Us Form!