Below you will find a Solar Calculator as well as a Budget Calculator. In the future we will expand on these calculators based on which ones are in more demand. Contact Us if you have any suggestions for calculators you'd like to see!

Solar-Calculator | Eco York Save Money

This is a Simple Solar Calculator to help you determine what your savings must be. This is only an estimate and does not reflect actual costs of the installation of Solar.

If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Personal Budget Calculator | Save Money

Our Personal Budget Calculator is a simple version of how you can potentially save money each month, simply by changing your personal habits. Our calculator is based on average withholding which may or may not change depending on your situation. Please use this only as a guide and seek professional financial advise from a certified financial planner.

If you have any suggestions to how we can improve our calculator please let us know by Contacting us.