Save energy in your home by updating your lighting to use energy efficient bulbs.

Halogen Incandescents

Halogen Incandescents will save you about 25% in energy savings.

Not the best choice among your lighting energy saving choices, but better than your traditional lightbulb. Halogen Incandescents are simply an energy efficient incandescent. They have a capsule which holds the halogen gas which increases the lifespan and increases the energy efficiency of the bulb. They will last about 3 times longer than your traditional bulb.


A CFL Lightbulb will provide you with 75% energy efficiency.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) use less electricity than your normal incancesdents and can pay for themselves in about nine months. If you purchase an Energy Star Qualified CFL, it will use about one-fourth the amount of energy and lasts about ten times longer than your incandescent.

CFL Bulbs are also able to be recycled, and many retailers will recycle them for you at no cost.

CFL bulbs - energy savers

LED Lighting

Consider using LED lighting. LEDs are becoming popular for both holiday lighting as well as under cabinet lighting. The initial cost of these lights are more expensive than your traditional lights, but they use about 10% less energy and will last about 50 times longer than incandesents and use one-third the energy and last 5 times longer than compact fluorescent lights.

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