Landscaping is important when considering energy saving techniques for your home.

Heat that enters your home through windows and sky lights can increase the amount of energy that your air conditioner uses. By utilizing shading with your landscaping you can minimize the impact. By planting trees around these area's the air around the tree can reduce the air temperature by 9 degrees F. This alone would help reduce the amount of heat that could potentially enter your home through windows or sky lights.

Different size trees will serve different purposes in shading areas around your home, and lowering the temperature around your home. By planting low level shrubs and plants you'll be decreasing the amount of heat on pavement and walk ways around your home. If you utilize a 6 to 8 foot tree you can reduce the temperature around your home. There are different types of trees, but using one that takes longer to grow will have stronger roots and can shade your home for a longer period of time.

Vines can also be used to shade the walls of your home. Use lattice or a planters box so you can control where the vines grow, and what areas of your home you would like to shade.

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