Save energy in your home by adding landscaping that shades certain areas of your home.

Climate Regions

Climate Regions - Energy savers

In the United States there are four climate regions. The four regions are Temperate, Hot-arid, Hot-humid, and Cool.

In the Temperate region you should maximize the warming effects of the sun in the winter, and shade in the summer. In the summer it's recommended that you utilize funneling techniques for the wind which will help cool areas around your home.


Landscaping is important when considering energy saving techniques for your home.

Heat that enters your home through windows and sky lights can increase the amount of energy that your air conditioner uses. By utilizing shading with your landscaping you can minimize the impact. By planting trees around these area's the air around the tree can reduce the air temperature by 9 degrees F. This alone would help reduce the amount of heat that could potentially enter your home through windows or sky lights.

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