Avoiding Heat Buildup will help you save money during hot summer months. There are quite a few ways to avoid heat buildup in your home. Try to plan ahead and utilize some Landscaping techniques.

On hot days close your windows during the day, and when the outdoor temperature cools open your windows at night. Keeping the air flowing in the evenings when the outdoor temperature is generally cooler, it will feel as though you have a natural air conditioner running through your home.

Roofs gather and produce a lot of heat. Make sure if you are replacing your roof that you use a light color material so the heat is reflected easier. Using light colors on the outside of your home (if it's painted) will also help significantly reduce the amount of heat that is directed into your home.

If you live in an area where it's hot, you probably already know your stove produces a lot of heat as well. Take advantage of the great outdoors and utilize an outdoor cooking source instead of turning on the stove. Keeping the heat outside by using an outdoor source will help reduce heat buildup, and it's fun too!

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