Save energy in your home by updating your climate control devices.

Avoid Heat Buildup

Avoiding Heat Buildup will help you save money during hot summer months. There are quite a few ways to avoid heat buildup in your home. Try to plan ahead and utilize some Landscaping techniques.

On hot days close your windows during the day, and when the outdoor temperature cools open your windows at night. Keeping the air flowing in the evenings when the outdoor temperature is generally cooler, it will feel as though you have a natural air conditioner running through your home.


Remove moisture from the air with a dehumidifier. By using a dehumidifier in warm, humid months it will help you feel cooler, allowing you to use a higher air conditioning setting on your programmable thermostat. Make sure you place the dehumidifier in an open area away from walls and other furniture. This placement will help you get the most out of your Dehumidifier.

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