Save energy in your home by updating your Appliances and home electronic devices.

Energy Saving Surge Protector

Energy Consumption is something we should all be aware of. By using an Energy Saving Surge Protector you can put your mind at ease knowing the devices you aren't currently using, aren't wasting energy. With an Energy Saving Surge Protector your main device is plugged into what is called a "Master" plug, and your "Secondary" devices are plugged into the others. When your "Master" device is turned off, the power to the other devices is turned off as well. This prevents Standby Loss, which normal Surge Protectors have.


If you purchase an Energy Qualified Refrigerator you're going to use atleast 20% less electricity than your older model. If you choose a qualified model you'll end up cutting your electric bill by up to $165 during it's lifetime.


Purchasing a television is important when looking at the energy consumption that your conventional tv set could potentially use. Depending on the type of television you choose, it could use between 45 watts or as much as 500 watts of electricity. This could mean between $13 to $145 per year to run. The most efficient televisions to date are smaller LCD tv's, and the most power hungry ones are large plasma sets. Rear Projection televisions can generally be energy efficient, however they are very large and don't get nearly as bright.

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