Having a website isn't enough with the amount of websites that currently exist. It's important to have a website, but you also want your website to be optimized so everyone can find you. Here at Eco York we'll analyze either your existing website or a brand new website and optimize it so search engines list you, and your customers find you.

Through our Search Engine Optimization we'll focus on a few main aspects of your website.

  • Meta Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Url Structure
  • Alt Tags
  • Content Building
  • Directory Listings

You may also want to consider our Pay Per Click Management Campaigns, which can also help with your Search Engine Optimization.

All of our Search Engine Optimization services listed above are included in new website development projects.

Below are our Search Engine Optimization Plans

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Ranking reports for up to 200 keywords.    
Onsite optimization - Updates to improve and maintain keyword rank in SERPS (see Website Optimization).    
  • Content Marketing Consulting
    • You know your product best and you know your people have the knowledge to write about your industry, but no one knows where to start. We’ll help you manage this!
    • Set up and manage a news/blogging schedule.
    • Help your team create keyword targeted articles.
    • Use blog articles to drive traffic to important products and services pages.
  • Full website analytics reporting
    • Including the key points of interest you’ve outlined with our team.
      • Examples include
        • Basic Metrics: Visits, PageViews, Pages/Visit, Bounce Rate.
        • More in complex reports may include: Page Efficiency Analysis, Visitor Acquisition Efficiency and Conversion Rates vs. Medium.
    • This plan tracks from where and how you get your traffic, what people are doing on your site, ties it to your conversions and offers actionable insight.
    • Reports delivered in Excel or PDF format.
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Keyword research and discovery for page topic.  
Update meta tags: Incorporate unique keyword rich Titles, Descriptions meta-tags, content headings, body content, page name, directory & file names, alt tags, and internal link text (wherever applicable).  
Recommendations for content expansion and keyword injection in copy.  
All optimization follows the powerful theme-based, “relevant content” approach.
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